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The Daddy Bear Files : Chapter 2: The Hunger of The Mountain

Th e Leather Den, with its vintage sign barely hanging on, was an institution, nestled in an alley off the city’s main drag. Notorious and legendary, it was a world unto itself. Dimly lit and with a ceiling lost to shadows, the bar was a place of refuge for many a rugged soul, each seeking his own form of solace and connection.   Brock "The Mountain" McLaine, all 360 pounds of him, was a deity in this temple of masculinity. His sheer size and undeniable aura made him instantly recognizable, even in the Den’s murk. The musky scent of raw masculinity mingled with the familiar leather aroma. As Brock ventured deeper inside, the worn-out floorboards creaked under his weight, each step a testament to his dominating presence.   Around him, men conversed in hushed tones, their stories embedded in every crack and crevice of the bar. The seasoned patrons raised their glasses to Brock, respecting the territory of the alpha among alphas. Newcomers, however, gawked, attempting to reconci

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