Eric’s Phone Notification : Part 1

Part 1

It wasn't long after that Eric put his phone down and decided to go to sleep did he hear that all too familiar buzz from beside his pillow.

It was a scruff notification, it was from a very sexy sounding account named 2daddybears4U. Eric immediately felt his cock pulse just thinking of having two daddy bear types interested in touching his ass and dominating him.

In just moments his cock was pushing against his sheets. Eric opened the notification and saw what it said.

"Hey boy, come over and learn how to ride a couple of muscle bears."

Eric clumsily slipped the phone out of his hands and off the bed before he could respond. He hopped out of bed to retrieve it and his cock was now fully erect and leaking a heavy amount of precum. Eric's cock wasn't really big but he was incredibly toned and had a handsome little treasure trail leading from a small patch of chest hair down to his abs and then onto his cock. His cock was now pointed straight up and he knew that he was going to cum if he touched it.

He unlocked the phone again and replied back;

"I'd love to ride you daddy bears, may I see some more pics daddy?"

Eric was fairly sure that he was going over regardless of the pics he would receive, but he immediately received a picture of a hulk of a man, he was fur covered standing all naked except for a cowboy hat and chaps. This muscle bear was hulking big with his gigantic cock full mast and looking like it was ready to shoot and breed his property. This man must have stood 6'6 and close to 300lbs of muscle, with just the right bulk to feel like a beast!

Just then Eric reached down and grabbed his cock and shot the heaviest load he ever had shot! He fell back against his bed in pain. His cock shot so hard that it was actually painful, he actually shed a tear from the pleasure and pain and relief. Eric had so much cum on him. It was all over his hands, face and phone. He was completely relaxed now, but he also knew he was headed over to meet this hulk of a man, and the still unseen other daddy bear as well. Eric licked his lips and tasted his salty cum. He put on some running shorts (commando) and a sleeveless gym shirt, then he headed out the door the moment he saw that the bears shared their location with him.

To be continued!


  1. Hey, Logan;
    I’ve read both stories now, and enjoyed them. Lots of different ways they can go, which for the reader, is good——and makes me anxious for what follows.
    You’re a good writer; your narrative is visually appealing. I like your characters, too.
    Thanks for your time, talent and efforts, Kiddo.

  2. This is a great start and I am looking forward to reading what happens next.


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